Frequently Asked Questions - Secondary 2023

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Is TNS Secondary a 'real' high school?

Absolutely! Our Secondary program is Registered AND Accredited in NSW. We are held to the same standards and requirements as all schools. We just approach things differently. 

Where will TNSS classes be?

Initially Year 7 and 8 will be located with our Primary students at 166 The Ruins Way, Port Macquarie. It is anticipated that they will have two classrooms and a separate dedicated outdoor space.

Do you still have full outdoor days?​

Yes. Field Studies days will be held weekly to allow students to demonstrate practical skills, collect data, and conduct research in the field.

What curriculum do you deliver?

We use the NSW Syllabus documents for the Australian Curriculum, as do almost all schools in NSW. We cover the Key Learning Areas (KLAs) of English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History and Geography (HSIE), Creative and Performing Arts, and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE). Students will meet all requirements for the Record of School Achievement and be eligible to receive their RoSA at the end of Year 10.

How are classes structured?

Our unique ​middle-school style structure means that each class has two core teachers who share the curriculum load equally while specialising in one integrated domain (English/HSIE or Maths/Science). Both core teachers accompany students for weekly Field Studies days. Creative Arts, Technologies, and Personal Development Health and Physical Education are additional to the integrated units and may be taught either by core teachers or specialists. This model eases the transition for students from Primary to Secondary by reducing the number of classes taught by different staff.

Year 7 - 2023

Do students use technology?

Yes. Students are provided with an individual MacBook for their use, owned by the School. As in the Primary years we continue to steer away from gamified learning and prefer purposeful use of devices. 

What about electives?

Students will have a choice of selected electives in Years 9 and 10. These electives are yet to be determined. 

Will students learn a language?

Yes, in Year 8. Proposed options we are considering include AUSLAN, or Gathang (Birpai) if this is a possibility. 

What grades do you cater for?

TNSS will cater for Years 7-10. As with the development of our Primary years, we will 'grow slow' and add a grade each year until we reach Year 10 in 2026.

2023 - Year 7 only

2024 - Years 7-8

2025 - Years 7-9

2026 - Years 7-10

Will you still limit class sizes?

Yes, which means we often have a wait list for grades. Our maximum preferred class size in Secondary is 20 students. 

Do parents pay fees? 

Yes. As an independent non-government school we are reliant on our

parents paying fees. Our 2023 Secondary Fee Schedule is yet to be


Do you have a uniform?

Yes. This is currently being decided by our 2022 Year 6 students, parents,

and staff.

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