Frequently Asked Questions - Primary School

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Is TNS Primary a 'real' school?

Absolutely! We are a fully Registered primary school in NSW. We are held to the same standards and requirements as all schools. We just approach things differently. 

Do you have classrooms?

Yes. We are located in the Innes Lake Community Centre at 166 The Ruins Way, Port Macquarie. Our teachers teach both inside the classroom and outdoors, according to the lesson. We even have an outdoor classroom!

Do you have full outdoor days?​

Yes. Students go out on Adventure Days every fortnight. These days involve learning on location, either in natural habitats or in the local community. 

What curriculum do you deliver?

We use the NSW Syllabus documents for the Australian Curriculum, as do almost all schools in NSW. We cover the Key Learning Areas (KLAs) of English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History and Geography, Creative and Performing Arts, and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE). As much as possible, we connect curriculum areas into integrated units of learning. 

Do students use technology?

Yes. We have class sets of MacBooks for upper primary students, and iPads for lower primary. Our approach is 'low tech' rather than no-tech. Technology is an important tool for students to master, but we steer away from gamified learning and prefer purposeful use of devices. Screen time is limited!

Do you limit class sizes?

Yes, which means we often have a wait list for grades. Our maximum preferred class size is 18 students. These small class sizes allow us to do big things in our learning and on our adventures.

Do parents pay fees? 

Yes. We are an independent non-government school. Please contact to request our fee schedule.

Do you have a uniform?

Yes. All students have the same uniform options, and our uniforms are

designed with play and exploration in mind. Our staff even wear similar

uniform items when out on Adventure Days. 

Still have questions?


Please contact us.