A community where children learn and shine through authentic experiences in nature, becoming active global citizens for a sustainable future.


"I have peace of mind knowing that my daughters are developing a strong relationship with their natural environment, whilst learning in such an inspiring, creative way - and with the most incredible teachers. What a gift!"

~ Primary parent 


"My favourite thing is the climbing. I LOVE climbing!"

~ Early Years child


The Nature School has attracted plenty of media. To understand the support the organisation has received and the interest the community has shown, check out the interesting articles, videos and other media materials saved in the incorporation's memories.


TNS Primary currently caters for students in Kindergarten to Year 4. We plan to expand to Year 5 in 2021, and Year 6 in 2022.


Our Early Years program welcomes children aged 3 to 5, while our The Little Explorers Playgroup introduces families and 0-3 year olds to The Nature School. We also offer School Holiday Programs.


The Nature School is unlike any other school, its philosophy, vision and objectives are holistic and natural.


Get inspired and get out there!